"I have been with Savannah for 2 months as of Aug 1st...I have lost 25.8lbs...gone down 3 sizes...I have grown with confidence that I am doing a great job getting healthy...She has guided me thru my ups and downs with mixed emotions. ..and helped me believe in me...I have never enjoyed life as much as I do now...Savannah is there every day every minute you need her...I love getting recipes and sharing with friends...the best news is I now have my husband doing this with me...not just in support...he has lost 15lbs...and did brags to everyone what we are doing with the help of Savannah. ..if you want to make a change and are serious this is the easiest way to go...and you will continue to be happy with the best decision of your life...get involved...get that energy you have been missing...it's perfect for all ages trust me on that one...."

Challenger/Client: "I am so glad that I took the first step with Beachbody, especially with Savannah. T25 is the only program that I have stuck with and really believe Savannah's challenge group was what kept me going! I felt accountable and supported which were some key things I was missing with other programs I haven't stuck with. I feel so much better about myself and can't wait to keep going on my journey! "

Challenger/Client: "I had a BB coach once before but was not motivated enough to keep going after the one month was over with the coach. I tried Savannah's group to see if it was better and it was by far the best to get me started.She posts every day and it makes you want to be accountable for your actions. She reacts to your posts and responds to questions in the same day. She gives great advice and shares recipes and motivation tips. This is what I needed to get me started back on my health journey. "

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