How to Refresh!

My Refresh Experience:


Day #1:

What did I eat?

Bfast: Shakeology+ 1&1/4 cup water+ half banana
Mid AM: Hot peppermint herbal tea

1 hour before lunch: Fiber Sweep

Lunch: Vanilla Fresh Shake (delish)+ 1&1/4 tsp. Almond Butter+ Pure vanilla extract. Strawberries and green beans

Mid Afternoon: Herbal Raspberry Tea and Cukes+Hummus

Dinner: Vanilla Fresh Shake+ Fruit+ Baby Spinach Salad with broccoli, red pepper, cucumber, and fresh lemon juice/oil oil.

Sleepytime Tea before bed

Did I starve? Nope not at all!

What was my experience for the day? Well I can tell you just because you hear the word “fiber sweep” does not mean you are going to be stuck on the toilet all day, so rest assured! Although everyone’s body is different, some folks did indicate they felt a little gassier after the sweep. I did not. I think the hardest part for me was just getting it down. I am not a fan of the texture. The taste is not that bad, you can taste a hint of lemon, but man I did not like the texture at all. I just through it back and chugged, hoping for the best! Do NOT I repeat do NOT let it sit or it will thicken up! I did miss my morning coffee as that is a part of my morning every day, so that was a struggle! I did not experience any caffeine withdraws so that is a plus. The only times I felt hungry were right around when my body would normally let me know, so no changes there! I did my health fat in my vanilla shake by mixing almond butter and it sure was yummy! I really enjoy the herbal teas and love going through this experience because it serves as a reminder as to how much I like them. I could probably do less coffee and more tea!

If you really have to have coffee, you could always do it black with some of the “free” flavors/spices that the book mentions and stevia! But we all know the best part about coffee is the creamers and different flavors, so I think I will wait!

Day 2:

What did I eat:

Bfast-Shakeology+half a banana+water

Fiber sweep mid-morning followed by peppermint herbal tea

Lunch: Apple slices with sprinkled ground cinnamon and almond butter+ Vanilla Fresh shake with ice/water/and ground cinnamon/caramel extract

Snack: Cukes and Hummus

Dinner: Vanilla fresh shake with ice/water/and ground cinnamon/caramel extract and veggie stir fry

Sleepy time tea before bed.

So how did I feel after day 2??

Not going to lie, doing this on a holiday weekend was TOUGH. Although it was Friday and festivities had not yet begun, we had guests come in from out of town and I wanted to have a drink badly as well as being tempted to snack late at night. Although temptation was there, I did not feel famished or anything and felt pretty satisfied with the food I had taken in during the day. I was missing my coffee for sure. I couldn’t not workout, so I did do a little bit of a light-moderate workout. I have a really big sweet tooth, but with the 3 shakes (shakeo + 2 vanilla fresh shakes) I felt it did a great job of curbing that. I also found satisfaction in sugar free gum or a piece of sugar free candy (shhh not sure if that is allowed but hey we do the best we can right?)


Day 3:

What did I eat?

Bfast-Shakeology+half a banana+water

Fiber sweep mid-morning followed by peppermint herbal tea

Lunch: Apple slices with sprinkled ground cinnamon and almond butter+ Vanilla Fresh shake with ice/water/and ground cinnamon/caramel extract.

Snack: Hummus and Carrots

Dinner: In honor of the 4th of July holiday, I wanted to include myself in the cookout so that I didn’t feel totally left out, so what did I do? Rather than veggie stir fry (which I LOVED and didn’t mind doing it again), I made veggie Kabobs for the grill! I took cherry tomato’s, red pepper, zucchini, and onions put those babies on skewers (3 to be exact and yes I did portion this based on the guide). I used Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning in addition to organic vegetable broth, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil. It was DELISH! In addition to this I had Vanilla fresh shake with ice/water/and ground cinnamon/caramel extract.

Sleept time tea before bed.

So how did I do on day 3, was I ready to give up or give in to temptation???

Heck no I was not giving up! I was too committed and had already done this for 2 days, so why give up or give in to temptation on the LAST DAY? I didn’t care that it was a holiday, I was going to do it and do it all the way! Temptations were there for sure! I mean you go to a cookout that has pretty much all of the staples and sweets that you can imagine! Again, I did a light-moderate workout bc I CAN’T HELP MYSELF! :0) I made sure to drink my weight/2 in ounces of water each day. Day 3 was probably the easiest day because I could see the finish line and my body has adapted to the diet. I did have a little bit of a headache and bless my family’s heart, I was one of those with the lovely gas! This may be TMI, however I think I need to say it and that is that too much of a good thing can sometimes interrupt your bowels. With that said, I did have a little issue with feeling bloated and needing to get to the point where I could “go”. I will say, I took Colace and by day 4 I felt pretty dang normal.


So what were your results Savannah?????

I lost a total of 4.6 pounds and over 4 inches overall!! I felt more energetic, less bloated (after I finally was able to go---sorry again TMI), determined to make better food choices, learned that I LOVE almond butter, I used to eat WAY too much PB, I could lay off a few things, I am strong and have a lot of will power, etc.. See my photos as evidence. Although you may not be able to tell as much by looking at a picture, the numbers don’t lie! Most of the weight was bloat/water weight, keep that in mind! This broke a lot of bad habits for me and created some healthier ones! I feel changed just as much inside as I am on the outside!


Thinking about doing the refresh? So I have told you a little bit about my experience, but remember it is based on the individual and no one person is the same. With this said, I can offer you suggestions on my experience and what worked for me, my favorite meals, suggestions about exercise should you feel you need to do it (like me—can’t help it!), and most of all I can support you during the process! You are much stronger than you think and remember you are what you eat!!! Anyone can do something for 3 days!!