What is a Challenge Group?

  • I start a new 30 day challenge group every month! Make sure you friend request me on facebook and check out my coaches page for information on my upcoming challenges and deadlines!
  • A challenge group is a 30 day program where you get me as your FREE coach and an EXCLUSIVE online accountability group for 30 days!
  • What are the requirements? Beachbody program of YOUR choice, and 30 day supply of Shakeology<---30 meals delivered to your door step!!!
  • How much does it cost? Luckily Beachbody has a bundle pack for you that saves you $$$$$$ And this will depend on what program you chose! Click the link below and it will take you to my website where you can see all of the challenge packs beachbody offers! For the cost of 2-3 personal training sessions you get a program that you can KEEP, 30 meals delivered to your door step, my FREE coaching, 30 day accountability/support group, access to nutrition and meal planning, club access, beachbody on demand access, and the list keeps going!! NO GYM REQUIRED!!!

  • How does the challenge work? Once you are signed up, you will get an invititation to join "My Challenge Tracker App" on your smart phone. This is an EXCLUSIVE group challenger application where you can communicate with your fellow challengers and your coach 24/7. You can also track your progress here.
  • How do I sign up? Contact me either through my website, facebook, or email, and I can help you figure out the right program for you, and we will get you started on a healthier you RIGHT AWAY!

Join My Next Challenge! I start a NEW challenge each month! Let's chat and get you signed up!

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Current and Upcoming Challenge Groups:

  • 2019 Virtual Fit Club through 12/31/19
  • 6 Weeks of the Work Support Group through 12/31/19
  • Barre Blend "Meet me at the Barre"--Prep week starts 1/6/20 and official VIP early access start 1/13
  • New Year, New You--Starting up 12/29/19-12/31/20 (Make a year long commitment in this virtual support group)