Keith's Heart

About "Keith's Heart" Initiative:

Meet my beloved father, Keith Slasor! January 19, 2016 my fathers heart physically stopped beating and the lord called him home. I say that it physically stopped beating because that is the fact of the matter, however I can still feel is heart every minute of every day which is why I felt called to bring forth this initiative.

My father was compassionate and caring and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone in need. He was one of the few people in this world that GAVE with no expectations of receiving anything in return. My father was and still is my hero! He taught me a lot about life and love, and when he loved he loved HARD! He loved my mother more than anything in this world and there wasn't a thing he wouldn't do for his family. Unfortunately all of the things he wanted to do in life, his body couldn't keep up, and at the age of 55 he left this world and entered the gates of heaven. I miss him so much and it has been extremely hard for me and my family in this time.

One day I had an idea to start paying it forward with "the gift of fitness". I hadn't given this a proper name when I selected my first person, but my father was on my heart and I felt called to do this. The initiative is this: Give to somebody in need. Not because of their finances, rather because they NEED exercise in their life. If there is one thing that has given me solace in my grief, it has been my daily workouts. It is a time that I give to myself and carve out each and every day because I know my emotional and mental state needs it, just as much as my physical. So I thought, WOW if I can feel this great doing this, maybe I can help another person going through a hard time, feel the same. Thus, "Keith's Heart" was born again. 

Every month on the first Thursday of the month, I plan to select ONE individual for this. I will take nominations from others and take all into consideration. 

If you know of somebody that could really benefit from a beachbody program physically, emotionally, and mentally, please write to me as I would love to hear their story and consider them! 

I know my father is looking down smiling upon me for this, and I honestly never felt more right about something! I hope that this changes someone's life, like it has mine! <3 #KeithsHeart