Be a Master!


What's cooking????

Week 7 Meal prep went down today, so what does a week look like for Savannah you ask???

Breakfast: Shakeology (cafe latte)+ tsp pb+ unsweetened cashew milk ( milk only 2 x a week to replace a yellow container)+ice

Snack: Apple + PB+ slivered almonds

Lunch: Salad with turkey deli meat+ tomato+ 1/2 blue container of cheese+ balsamic Vin/Olive oil+ 1 hard boiled egg.

Snack: Zone bar OR Greek Yogurt (yellow OR red)

Dinner: Marinated chicken breast (balsamic Vin+ olive oil+ rolled oats), green beans, and if have yellow leftover either half a sweet potato OR corn on cob (mini)

RESULTS ARE IN!!!! 8 weeks of dialing into my nutrition as best I could and pushing play EVERYDAY!! I could have easily thrown in the towel and fell victim to my circumstances after the sudden and unexpected loss of my father, but I knew he was rooting me on and I just kept pressing play EVERY SINGLE DAY! Honestly it was probably the most normal I felt during this time, when I was working out. It was like therapy and my release! I will post my full blog about my Hammer and Chisel experience soon, so STAY TUNED!!!