"When you want to be successful just as much as you want to breath....that is when you will succeed"


How I can help you...

If you would like for me to become your own PERSONAL fitness coach and help you get into the best shape of your life, here is what I recommend:

1) Become a client of mine by registering for your free Team Beachbody account (using the link at the top of this page. This is 100% free!

2) Choose a Beachbody Fitness Program that is right for your goals and lifestyle. You'll find these fitness/workout programs by clicking the "Shop" link at the top of the page.

3) Before you order, contact me at Savannahb2323@gmail.com and let me know what workout program you are interested in.. As your personal fitness coach I am available to discuss the program that is right for you, talk about your diet, and make recommendations for any supplements and/or equipment to help achieve your goals!

4) At this point, you are ready to make an INFORMED decision and can purchase your workout program and/or equipment and supplements.

5) This is where the fun really begins! Once you receive your order from Beachbody, we can begin working TOGETHER to reach your fitness goals! If you already have any of the team beachbody programs and would like a coach to help you fulfill your fitness needs and really take yourself to the next level, I am ready to be that motivation for you!

In the past I used Team Beachbody fitness programs such as Hip Hop Abs, Rockin Body, Insanity, and Piyo, Les Mills Combat,  Insanity Asylum Volume 1 and 2, Insanity Max 30, Turbo Fire, Cize, 21 day fix extreme (3 rounds), 22 Minute Hardcorps, Masters Hammer and Chisel (2 rounds), Country Heat, T25, Core De Force, and most recently I was a member of the first ever Coach test coach for Shift Shop in May 2017.  I have been where you may feel you are....I was at the largest weight of my life after having my first child and realized I needed to do something to change not only my body on the outside but my health in general. These programs have worked for me and if they can work for me they can work for anyone. I had my second child in May 2014 and am at it again to get that pre pregnancy body back. At the hospital this time I was about 194, I am currently at a weight I never imagined possible....  (to put this into perspective I went from size 12 to 4). With the help of team beachbody products and the same motivation as I had the last time, I can only expect great results! So why did I decide to become a coach? I figure, why not motivate others to lead healthier lifestyles while I myself am on this journey! I know how good a healthy lifestyle and fit body can make a woman feel, and I want to help others get to that point as well as get myself back there!

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